Blog Post 20 – Oct. 6, 2021 club meeting

Theme:  Toastmasters Month

Word:  Copacetic.


A great “Tip of the Day” – Posture matters.

Congratulations to TM Jesus for winning the Area 14 Humorous Speech Contest unopposed on Saturday October 2 and proceeding to Division A’s Humorous Speech Contest on Saturday, November 20 from 10 am to 1 pm!   Club contests lead to Area 14 contests, Division A contests and then District 47 contests.    

Congratulations to TM Juana for winning our club’s Shooting Star Award for a new member who fully embraces the Toastmasters program.  TM Juana joined the club on 1/1/2021, completed 5 speeches, attended TLI training in August 2021, competed in the Winter 2021 Club Table Topics contest and the Fall 2021 Club Evaluation contest and served as Sergeant-At-Arms in the Winter 2021 Area 11 & Area 15 contests.    

Amanda’s speech focused on a mentoring relationship she had.  She stated that you get out of a mentoring relationship what you put into it.  She also spoke about getting out of her comfort zone.

Herberson spoke about confirmation bias.

James gave his second speech on the rewards and humbling aspects of gardening.

Table Topics consisted of questions about our members’ knowledge of and experience in Toastmasters International.

TM Carol told the club that the Area Director gave our club a glowing report.


Best Speaker – TM Amanda

Best Table Topics Speaker – TM Sean

Best Evaluator – TM Torah

More to come…

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