Blog Post 21 – Oct. 13, 2021 club meeting

Theme:  Sunday Oct. 10 – World Mental Health Day

Word of the day – Innocuous


Table Topics Marathon!

TM James’ Tip of the Day was that Perseverance is the key to success and he offered a quote from Sir Winston Churchill: ” It always seems impossible until it is done.”
TM Torah’s Table Topics session consisted of “Would you rather…” questions with some wild, crazy answers.

TM Hillery started a story for her Table Topics session and the toastmasters she called on had to continue the story with an alligator, honey, party foods and a supermarket visit.

TM Ernesto’s Table Topics session consisted of questions such as:  What is your most likeable quality?  Scent?  What was the best $100 you ever spent?  Where do you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve?  Best piece of music?

Very funny!


1st Table topics session – Anabel

2nd Table topics session –Torah

3rd Table topics session –Hillery

More to come…

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