Blog – July 6, 2022 Club meeting

Theme:  Independence Day

Word of the Day:  Equanimity

Attendees:  Toastmasters Gabriela, Amir, Ernesto, Torah, Harold, Arlene, Maribel, Jacelyn, Alejandro, Kannan, David, Oscar, Val, Karen-Eileen, Carol and Sean.

Guest:  Emily

Highlights of the meeting:

  • TM Oscar gave a speech on building a team.
  • TM Kannan gave a speech on climate change and how it will affect children.
  • TM Harold’s Tip of the Day contained this idea:  You cannot be a great speaker without being a great evaluator.  You cannot do one without the other.
  • Our new club president, TM Amir, gave some great comments on his journey as a toastmaster.
  • TM Carol gave some challenging Table Topics questions to our toastmasters who were selected to be Table Topics speakers.  She also included our guest in the Table Topics segment of our meeting.

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