July 13, 2022 Club meeting

Theme:  Space Exploration

Word of the Day:  Postulate.  Definition:  To assume or claim something (such as an idea or theory) as true.

Attendees:  Toastmasters Ernesto, Arlene, Jacelyn, Kannan, David, Carol, Julia, Jesus, Charbel and Sean.

Guests:  None

Highlights of the meeting:

  • TM Sean gave a speech on the health benefits of drinking green tea.
  • A vocal variety exercise was held using Lincoln’s Gettysburg Address.
  • TM Jacelyn gave some challenging and thought-provoking Table Topics questions to our toastmasters who were selected to be Table Topics speakers.

Best Speaker:  TM Sean

Best Table Topics Speaker:  TM Julia

Best Evaluator:  TM Julia

Blog – July 6, 2022 Club meeting

Theme:  Independence Day

Word of the Day:  Equanimity

Attendees:  Toastmasters Gabriela, Amir, Ernesto, Torah, Harold, Arlene, Maribel, Jacelyn, Alejandro, Kannan, David, Oscar, Val, Karen-Eileen, Carol and Sean.

Guest:  Emily

Highlights of the meeting:

  • TM Oscar gave a speech on building a team.
  • TM Kannan gave a speech on climate change and how it will affect children.
  • TM Harold’s Tip of the Day contained this idea:  You cannot be a great speaker without being a great evaluator.  You cannot do one without the other.
  • Our new club president, TM Amir, gave some great comments on his journey as a toastmaster.
  • TM Carol gave some challenging Table Topics questions to our toastmasters who were selected to be Table Topics speakers.  She also included our guest in the Table Topics segment of our meeting.

Holiday Celebration Raffle

Fellow Toastmasters,

You are invited to participate in our West Pines Toastmasters Club fundraising Raffle.

The funds we raise are used to pay for meeting supplies, expenses, and celebration prizes.

Instead of our usual 50/50 raffle, our generous club president Carol Preudhomme donated a

$ 50.00 Amazon gift card for the raffle prize. Funds raised go straight to our club coffers.

Tickets: $3.00 each    Pay via Zelle  to 786-606-7868 before 5:00 PM on Friday, December 2nd      

How does it work?  We will use the pinwheel with the names of those who purchase “tickets”. If you buy two tickets for $6.00 your name appears twice, and so forth Thus increasing your chances of winning.

Raffle Pinwheel

Blog Post 21 – Oct. 13, 2021 club meeting

Theme:  Sunday Oct. 10 – World Mental Health Day

Word of the day – Innocuous


Table Topics Marathon!

TM James’ Tip of the Day was that Perseverance is the key to success and he offered a quote from Sir Winston Churchill: ” It always seems impossible until it is done.”
TM Torah’s Table Topics session consisted of “Would you rather…” questions with some wild, crazy answers.

TM Hillery started a story for her Table Topics session and the toastmasters she called on had to continue the story with an alligator, honey, party foods and a supermarket visit.

TM Ernesto’s Table Topics session consisted of questions such as:  What is your most likeable quality?  Scent?  What was the best $100 you ever spent?  Where do you want to celebrate New Year’s Eve?  Best piece of music?

Very funny!


1st Table topics session – Anabel

2nd Table topics session –Torah

3rd Table topics session –Hillery

More to come…

Blog Post 20 – Oct. 6, 2021 club meeting

Theme:  Toastmasters Month

Word:  Copacetic.


A great “Tip of the Day” – Posture matters.

Congratulations to TM Jesus for winning the Area 14 Humorous Speech Contest unopposed on Saturday October 2 and proceeding to Division A’s Humorous Speech Contest on Saturday, November 20 from 10 am to 1 pm!   Club contests lead to Area 14 contests, Division A contests and then District 47 contests.    

Congratulations to TM Juana for winning our club’s Shooting Star Award for a new member who fully embraces the Toastmasters program.  TM Juana joined the club on 1/1/2021, completed 5 speeches, attended TLI training in August 2021, competed in the Winter 2021 Club Table Topics contest and the Fall 2021 Club Evaluation contest and served as Sergeant-At-Arms in the Winter 2021 Area 11 & Area 15 contests.    

Amanda’s speech focused on a mentoring relationship she had.  She stated that you get out of a mentoring relationship what you put into it.  She also spoke about getting out of her comfort zone.

Herberson spoke about confirmation bias.

James gave his second speech on the rewards and humbling aspects of gardening.

Table Topics consisted of questions about our members’ knowledge of and experience in Toastmasters International.

TM Carol told the club that the Area Director gave our club a glowing report.


Best Speaker – TM Amanda

Best Table Topics Speaker – TM Sean

Best Evaluator – TM Torah

More to come…

Blog Post 18 – Sept. 22, 2021 club meeting

Wednesday, September 22, 2021 club meeting – West Pines Toastmasters Club’s Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contests.

Congratulations to Alejandro for completing his first path (Dynamic Leadership) and to Torah for completing Levels 1 to 4 of her third path (Persuasive Influence)!   

Membership renewals are due for the next 6 months by September 30, 2021 ($45).    Please feel free to renew your membership for 12 months ($90) if you wish.   

Area 14 Speech Contests will be held online on Saturday, October 2, 2021 from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m.   Please plan to attend and support our club’s contestants.  

Our next Optional Saturday Speech Marathon will be held on Saturday, October 2, 2021 from 1 p.m. to approximately 2:30/3:00 p.m.  Please reserve a spot using the Role Reservation feature on the club website.  You will have to read your own Speaker Intro Form and speech objective and evaluate another speaker’s speech.     

The Evaluation and Humorous Speech Contests’ Functionaries:

Contest Chair – TM Arlene

Contest Judge – TM Alejandro

Contest Master – TM Lori

Judges – Anonymous

Ballot Counters – TMs David and Donna

Timers – TMs Sean and Maribel

Sergeant-at-Arms – TM Julia

ZOOM Coordinators – TMs Arlene and Sandie


Area 14 Director TM Nylia and past Area Director TM Aura attended.

TM Okieve, the Test Speaker, spoke about his language journey:  starting with Jamaican Patois (the dialect of Jamaica) and English as a young child in Jamaica, learning Spanish as a foreign language in high school in Jamaica, and recently learning French and strengthening his Spanish while living in Canada.       

Time to Laugh!  TM Amir’s speech was about his nosy mom!  He told us that she pushed to make things happen the way she wanted them to occur.  He spoke further about his three possible choices for a wife when he was a young single man.

Jesus got everyone laughing about the challenging people and situations he encountered as a civil engineer.  His PowerPoint presentation was excellent, in my opinion.

Harold then got us laughing again by talking about the pandemic and when it will end!  He told us about the challenges of ordering groceries online.  Getting those things delivered was another challenge!  Also, he told us about his online video chats with his doctors.

Three very funny speeches!

Contest Winners:

Evaluation Contest – TM Carol

Humorous Speech – TM Jesus

More to come…