Pathways & Meeting Role Tips and Tricks

If you are presenting a speech, please complete, and email or text your completed, fillable New Speaker Introduction Form directly to the Toastmaster of the Day (for a regular meeting) or the President (for a speech marathon).  Please make sure to include your speech’s objectives on the Introduction form, so that it can be announced before your speech. You can type directly into this fillable Speaker Introduction form. 

In addition, please email or text your fillable Pathways Evaluation Form for your speech to your assigned speech evaluator.  

If you are presenting a speech or performing a meeting role, please sign in to our online Zoom meeting 15 minutes before the start of the meeting.  The President/Toastmaster of the Day will begin looking for meeting role substitutes 10 minutes before the start of the meeting.  
If you are scheduled to present a speech or perform a meeting role and discover that you will not be able to fulfill the commitment, please notify us as soon as possible in the WhatsApp group chat, and ask in the group chat for another member to substitute for you.  If possible, please provide at least 3 days’ notice when canceling a speech so that another speaker can substitute in your place, and speaking slots do not go unused.  

Pathways tips:  

To register/join Pathways Learning Experience (Toastmasters International’s education program), go to, click on the Forgot Password button in the Login section to create your username and password for the first time. Then click on Pathways, complete the assessment survey or choose your path on your own from the 11 available paths.

The first speech of Level 1 of Pathways, the Icebreaker Speech is a 4-6 minute speech about yourself. It can be an autobiography or about any part of your life that you would like to share.

There are 11 paths from which to choose in the online Pathways learning experience.   Each path contains 5 Levels. The 5 Levels contain approximately 15 speeches and related assignments.   Please note that Pathways Level 1 requires the completion of 4 speeches even though there are only 3 projects in Level 1.  Please make sure to complete two speeches AND a speech evaluation in the Evaluation and Feedback project in Level 1 of your path.  

If you will be presenting a prepared speech outside of your home club, in a contest or in a Non-Toastmaster event, where possible please report your plans in advance in Pathways as External Training (under the three dots in the upper right corner of the Access Education Transcripts) in order for the VP of Education to verify that all requirements will be met.   Once approved and completed, you may thensubmit your speech in Pathways the same as other speeches.    

Please also keep track of your meeting roles in Pathways under the My Account tab to be applied to your Level 3.

Presenter of the Tip of the Day, Ah Counter, Timer, Grammarian, Body Language Monitor and Vote Counter tip:   

Please limit your tip or explanation of your role and provide your final report in 1 minute or less.

Timer tips: 
  There is a 30-second deviation before and after the required times for prepared speeches and speech evaluations before being disqualified from ballot voting for Best Speaker and Best Evaluator.   Therefore, a prepared speaker with a 5 – 7 minute speech may speak between 4 minutes 30 seconds and 7 minutes 30 seconds to qualify to be voted for Best Speaker.  A speech evaluator with a 2 – 3 minute evaluation may speak between 1 minute 30 seconds and 3 minutes 30 seconds to qualify to be voted for Best Evaluator.
There is a 30-second deviation only after the required time for Table Topics speeches before being disqualified from voting for Best Table Topics Speaker. Therefore, a Table Topics speaker who is required to speak for 1 – 2 minutes must speak for a minimum of 1 minute or a maximum of 2 minutes 30 seconds to qualify to be voted for Best Table Topics Speaker.  
Ah Counter tip: First-time Ice breaker speakers are exempt from the Ah Counter’s bell sound.  However, the Ah Counter may include their crutch words in the final report.  
Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD) tip:  The TMOD is responsible to determine that all roles are present and assign substitutes for meeting roles if  you are not present 10 minutes before the start.   If possible, the Toastmaster of the Day should join the meeting 20-30 minutes in advance to greet members and guests.   
General Evaluator tip:  The General Evaluator is responsible to contact the speech evaluators to ensure that they have received the evaluation forms from the prepared speakers and comment on whether the functionaries performed their jobs and stayed within their time.   
Table Topics Master (TTM) tips:The Table Topics Master should first call on members who are not performing a meeting role.   Once all members who are not performing meeting roles have been called upon, the Table Topics Masters should invite guests to participate.  If no guest is present, the TTM may ask members with roles.     

For the original green, yellow and red virtual backgrounds for the Timer role, see   May require lighting adjustments to avoid distorted appearance.  
For new green, yellow and red traffic light virtual backgrounds for the Timer role, see  (this one does not work well unless the timer is pinned on screen)  
For virtual backgrounds to use as your background in online meetings, see  May require lighting adjustments to avoid distorted appearance.   
Please download the Toastmaster International educational app from the App Store.  It can be used for the Grammarian role, Ah counter role and Timer role.   The timing feature must be used during speech contests.