West Pines Toastmasters Club #6003592, Area 14, Division A, District 47 Wednesday November 16, 2022

6:30 PM Sgt-At-Arms calls meeting to order, leads Pledge of Allegiance, reads Mission Statement, Quote of the Day/Historical Fact and introduces the President

Sergeant-At-Arms Open
President Open

6:33 PM President welcomes members and guests and introduces the Presenter of the Tip of the Day and the Toastmaster of the Day (TMOD).

6:38 PM Presenter of Tip of the Day Alejandro Echeverry, DTM
6:39 PM Toastmaster of the Day Cesar Giraldo

6:40 PM TMOD introduces role, and introduces meeting functionaries and prepared speakers

6:41 PM Ah Counter Amir Taher, PM4
explains role and Ah Penalty Box
6:42 PM Timer Alejandro Echeverry, DTM
6:43 PM Grammarian Ernesto Enrique Torres, PI2
explains role and Word of the Day
6:44 PM Vote Counter Gabriela Gomez
6:45 PM Body Language Monitor Sean Provencal, IP1
6:46 PM Speaker 1 Sean Provencal, IP1
"The 10 Principles" Innovative Planning Level 3 Increasing Knowledge: Inspire Your Audience

5 – 7 minutes

Speaker 2 Open
Speaker 3 Open
Backup Speaker 1 Open

7:08 PM TMOD asks Timer for disqualifications, asks members to vote for Best Speaker and to send feedback to Speakers, and introduces the Table Topics Master.

7:09 PM Topics Master Jesus J. Suarez, EH3

 Table Topics Master explains role, asks Table Topics (T/T) questions, and returns floor to TMOD.

7:24 PM TMOD asks Timer for disqualifications, asks members to vote for Best T/T Speaker and to send feedback to T/T Speakers, and introduces the General Evaluator.

7:25 PM General Evaluator explains role, introduces Speech Evaluators, asks Timer for disqualifications, and asks members to vote for Best Evaluator and to send feedback to Speech Evaluators.

General Evaluator Valeria Fomenko
7:27 PM Evaluator 1 Maribel Echeverry, VC1
Evaluator 2 Open
Evaluator 3 Open

7:36 PM General Evaluator asks for reports from the Grammarian, Ah Counter, and Body Language Monitor, gives overall assessment of the meeting, asks for report from Vote Counter and returns floor to the TMOD.

7:46 PM TMOD makes final comments and returns floor to the President.

7:48 PM President asks guests for feedback, members and officers for comments, makes announcements & adjourns the meeting.

7:53 PM End